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Peter Triezenberg
Shadow Hearts Creator, Matsuzo Machida, Working on New Title
Plus, a glimpse of what could have been in Shadow Hearts III.
01.03.16 - 3:00 PM

Ah, Shadow Hearts, my white whale, that one series I always wanted to try but couldn't find an affordable copy of. But it seems that Shadow Hearts' creator, Matsuzo Machida, may have something in store for us, as he is apparently working on a brand-new video game.

"Unfortunately, I can't reveal any details about it right now, but I'm working on a new game. In the future, I would love to create a western adaptation of it," Machida told Italian website Geek Gamer. When asked whether or not this new game would be crowdfunded via Kickstarter or not, Machida indicated that he respected the platform and those who successfully utilized it but wasn't sure if RPG fans would be interested in funding such a title. However, "on a personal level, obviously the presence of such fans is indeed precious. Should I get the chance to, one day I would like to create something able to answer their expectations, and I would definitely throw all of myself into it."

shadow hearts creator matsuzo machida new title game

Interesting news, to be sure. Machida also said, when asked about a potential remaster of the original Shadow Hearts titles, that "currently there's no such project, but I will continue to work hard with the rest of the staff to make it so that one day it will be possible." What's really exciting (and sobering at the same time) is that Machida also revealed some concept art and details about could have been Shadow Hearts III, disregarding Shadow Hearts: From the New World's status as the series' third entry.

"Shadow Hearts III doesn't exist yet, but I don't think the bad ending of part II (Covenant) is the real conclusion," says Machida. The artwork below, by Miyako Kato, is of Yuri's father, Jinpachiro/Ben Hyuga, and Kurando's father, Kiheita Inugami. They would have been the protagonists of Shadow Hearts III.

shadow hearts iii concept art yuri father series creator rpg hyuga

Keep an eye on RPGFan as we learn more about Machida's new project.


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