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Learn More About the World of Tales of Berseria
In this Wasteland, Velvet is the one who runs from both the living and the dead.
01.07.16 - 1:55 AM

Bandai Namco recently sent out a press release providing some juicy new intel on the next Tales of title, Tales of Berseria. A lot of this was previously detailed by Famitsu, but still, its nice to have confirmation of these things. The game's world, set in the distant past of Tales of Zestiria, is known as the Wasteland, and is suffering from an outbreak of Gomabyo (Demon Disease) which began three years prior to Tales of Berseria's opening. The protagonist, Violet, was living peacefully in the Holy Kingdom of Midgand with her family until one night where the moon shone red, and she lost everything. Her hand was transformed by a mysterious force, and while she has lost her family, she has also gained the ability to consume the monsters created by Gomabyo. The press release also talks about the Seirei, a tribe that uses the power of spirits, the significance of the scarlet moon and its connection with the Goma, and three items that are of import to the story — a compass, comb, and apple.

tales of berseria velvet wasteland gome gomabyo demon disease infection namco bandai

We also learn some details about the two protagonists. Violet is 19 years old, 170 centimeters tall, and is possibly a Goma herself. She hasn't smiled since the incident that took her family, but was once a down-to-earth and friendly girl. Now, however, she harbors coldness and anger. Her left hand, covered in bandages, bears powers similar to those of the Goma. Laphicet, the blonde-haired youth we've seen earlier, is 10 years old and 142 centimeters tall. He is a member of the Seirei tribe. He is used to following his master's commands without emotion or opinions of his own, and journeying with Violet will cause him to develop willpower.

tales of berseria laphicet namco bandai tales rpg seirei seraphim

Tales of Berseria's take on the series' trademark Linear Motion Battle System is based on the ability to move about freely and manipulate the camera freely (doing so is accomplished with the right stick). Special attacks can be mapped to the face buttons, and movement in combat with the left stick allows arts to be coordinated in conjunction with the player's movement.

Tales of Berseria is currently in development for the PlayStation 4, as well as the PS3 in Japan.


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