Scott Clay
Lighting's Full Louis Vuitton Commercial Released
So what kind of stats does a Louis Vuitton bag give?
01.10.16 - 12:43 AM

So if you have been following Lighting's journey as a Louis Vuitton model, it comes to a possible end today as the full commercial has been released for your viewing pleasure along with a new glamour shot, and a real photo shoot of the campaign's clothing line. The videos can be checked out below, and are accompanied by this message for all those who may not know who Lighting is.

Her name is Lightning, and she flashes through fabulous worlds in search of her sister who is being held captive. She connects with her strength and courage as she progresses through every rite of passage.

Lightning pushes the idea of the heroine even further. It was only logical that the Maison Louis Vuitton explores the infinite possibilities of the virtual world and asks this fantasy character to interpret the essence of a heroine.

Today Lightning, the heroic figure in "Final Fantasy", the cult series of video games that have inspired more than 100 million players around the world, agreed to become a character in the Louis Vuitton galaxy. The Maison has always pushed the boundaries of reality, and dreams. Real, virtual, incarnate, metaphorical: Lightning is the fruit of Square Enix studios' imagination, and she raises the question of immanence—that which takes place solely in the mind—in tomorrow's world.

Lighting Louis Vuitton Outfit 4

Will this be the end of Lighting's short modeling career? My gut tells me no.


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