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Check Out A Boatload of World of Final Fantasy Media
Character bios, screens, and much more.
01.13.16 - 9:23 PM

Following it's lengthy appearance at Jump Fiesta, Square Enix released some new details about the upcoming World of Final Fantasy for PlayStation 4 and Vita. With its chibi art style and inclusion of fan-favorite Final Fantasy characters, this is turning out to be quite the interesting project. Read on to learn more about what is in store for us.

The game's two protagonists are twins names Lann and Reynn (no, not that one!). Lann is a "bright and energetic" boy who, while a bit of a dunce, comes through when it's important. His sister Reynn is the exact opposite, being an extremely cautious girl who is also quite intelligent. Both of them have lost their memories and contain a mysterious power within one of their arms, which manifests as a piece of armor when activated.

world of final fantasy lann twins protagonist male square enix

world of final fantasy reynn twins female protagonist square enix

Pictured below is Tama, the twins' travel companion who teaches them various things throughout their adventure and serves as a navigator. It wouldn't be an RPG, much less a Final Fantasy title, without an accompanying animal (I exaggerate, of course)!

world of final fantasy square enix tama playstation vita playstation 4

There are also a number of Final Fantasy characters that will appear throughout World of Final Fantasy that fans will likely recognize. Of particular interest, at least to me, is Princess Sarah, from the original Final Fantasy, and likewise here is the princess of Cornelia, where the Warrior of Light also hails from. We haven't seen her in quite a while!

world of final fantasy princess sarah corneliaworld of final fantasy warrior of light

Cloud is present as well, wielding his iconic Buster Sword and hailing from "The Town of Ancient Books." Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning also makes an appearance, helping the twins in critical situations. She looks like she's wearing her Lightning Returns garb in the picture, so that's cool!

world of final fantasy vii cloud strifeworld of final fantasy xiii lightning

Also represented is Yuna, heroine of Final Fantasy X who summons Valefor. For some reason, she describes Lann and Reynn as "people who caused the calamity." To what could she be referring?

world of final fantasy x yuna valefor

Now for some underrepresented Final Fantasy characters who will be appearing in World of Final Fantasy. First up, we have Sherlotta, from the... video game that was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time! She runs the Sherlotta Inn, a haven for travelers in the freezing cold. Neat! There's also Feris Scherwiz from Final Fantasy V, a pirate boss who controls Syldra the sea dragon.

world of final fantasy echoes of time crystal chronicles sherlottaworld of final fantasy v feris scherwiz syldra

But it's not just iconic Final Fantasy characters that Lann and Reynn will encounter on their journey. They have the ability to befriend monsters called Mirages and use them in battle. Players will be able to walk aside Mirages and ride the larger ones, using them to navigate the environment more quickly and such. By weakening Mirages encountered in battle, the player can "Gemify" them which allows them to join your party (as well as rename them).

world of final fantasy mirages monster capture befriend pokemon

World of Final Fantasy utilizes the Active Time Battle system the series is famous for, but with the added twist of being able to "stack" monsters in order to unite their individual abilities and power up their attacks. Stacking can be performed based on the size of the monsters involved, so small monsters can get on top of medium-sized monsters, which can in turn get on top of large monsters. Fighting individually, on the other hand, allows each Mirage to attack individually, which makes accumulating Action Points in battle easier. Action Points can be used to temporarily summon an incredibly powerful Mega Mirage monster such as a Behemoth, pictured below. These creatures can only be called once per battle and last until the characters' Action Points are depleted.

world of final fantasy mega mirages action points behemoth

world of final fantasy active time battle system

Mirages can also evolve, adding a Pokémon-esque wrinkle to the proceedings. In-game, this is called "Henshinka." As an example, Ifchi evolves into Ifree which evolves into classic Final Fantasy summon Ifrit.

world of final fantasy ifrit evolution ifchiworld of final fantasy ifrit evolution ifree

world of final fantasy ifrit mirage evolution

We have more brand-new screenshots for you in our freshly updated gallery. Be sure to keep an eye on RPGFan for any and all updates about World of Final Fantasy!


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