Brett Wooley
Learn About Myra and More from Dragon Quest Builders
Plus, bad news for Vita and PS3 users.
01.14.16 - 10:26 PM

We have more Dragon Quest Builders media mentioning many Myra motifs, man. Alliterations are fun and hopefully this game will be as well! We see more of Amelda, the leader of Myra and her army of rouges. We also get more vehicle action, showing mobility and even combat with a rad mining cycle? I don't know, but I want to drive it.

dragon quest builders mining cycle

In a recent interview with Weekly Famitsu, Producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto spoke on the development of the game. In Free Build Mode, the map will be devoid of monsters. If you get an itch for combat, you can fight on Battle Island for special rewards, or another island with materials from previously cleared stages. Fujimoto also states the game can last anywhere from 50 100 hours depending on your style of play. The game also will be loosely based on the world of Dragon Quest I, but still has new places to explore with secrets to find.

dragon quest builders fire spell

So, back to that bad news I mentioned earlier. According to some info from the Dragon Quest Builders website, PlayStation TV will not be supported and there is no explanation as to why. At least there is a demo coming out on January 22nd for the Vita and PS4, but the save data will not carry over to the final version. Sorry PS3 owners, no demo for you, but at least you don't have to wait long. Dragon Quest Builders will be available in Japan on January 28th for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita.

If you haven't followed our previous coverage, then these videos will help catch you up. Check out the gameplay for the upcoming "Block RPG" as well as our image gallery.

In this video, the protagonist searches for a missing person and brings him back to the village.

Here we see the protagonist building and interacting with townspeople (plus ear screeching synth violin).

Finally, you see an encounter from enemies that seek to attack the town.


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