Scott Clay
Blade & Soul Launch and Future Content Detailed
A lot of new content coming in the near future.
01.19.16 - 1:44 AM

Since its Korean release 3 years ago, many western MMO fans have been waiting patiently for Blade & Soul's western release, but the wait is finally over! NCSOFT has finally released the long awaited Wushu inspired MMO today. Blade & Soul follows the classic Wuxia storyline where your master has been slayed and you are on a quest for revenge, but what really sets Blade & Soul apart from the rest of the MMO pack is its fast paced action based combat. You will find yourself launching enemies into the air, moving faster then the blink of an eye, and slamming enemies into the ground as you dart in and out of combat. Best of all it is 100% free to play by heading over to the Blade & Soul website and downloading the client, so stop waiting and go play.

If you're already a big fan of the game, then you'll be happy to know that the western release of the game will be doing their best to catch up content wise to the Korean version. In the near future content patches for the game will be coming along that include:

  • Mushin's Tower Floors 1 though 8 - A single player instanced dungeon that increases in challenge as you progress further along.
  • Bloodshade & Nightshade Harbor A 4 and 6 player dungeon where you will battle the Blackram Pirate Admiral Haemujin. A 24 man instance of the dungeon will also be available.
  • Naryu Labyrinth Take on the Thunder and Wind Gods Fujin & Rajin in this 4 and 6 player dungeon that includes 3 different levels to enjoy.
  • Silverfrost Mountain Expansion The 4th Act of the Blade & Soul story includes a new continent and the level cap increase to level 50. It will also come with the new class the Warlock which has been heating up the PvP scene on the Korean servers.

Check out the trailer below for an awesome look at Blade & Soul.


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