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Square Enix Details the Legacy Characters in Final Fantasy Explorers
Cloud, Terra, Lightning, and more.
01.20.16 - 1:28 PM

Square Enix recently released a new infographic and trailer that highlights the various legacy characters in the soon-to-be-released action-RPG Final Fantasy Explorers. By harnessing the power of Trance Mode, players will be able to utilize the abilities of various classic Final Fantasy characters. In order to unlock specific characters, players have to perform rare quests for town Moogles who will reward them with that character's special magicite. These magicites can then be equipped at the town's central crystal.

The characters and their abilities are as follows:

final fantasy explorers legacy characters trance mode cloud squall cecil bartz lightning yuna tifa tidus terra aerith vaan square enix 3ds

  • Cecil (Final Fantasy IV): Special Move: Soul Shift — Slam foes with darkness, before slashing them with a cross of light.

  • Bartz (Final Fantasy V): Special Move: Master Mime — A powerful combo that changes elements with each blow.

  • Terra (Final Fantasy VI): Special Move: Riot Blade — Fire a blast of magic in the form of sharp blades.

  • Cloud (Final Fantasy VII): Special Move: Omnislash — Cleave enemies with a blinding flurry of slashes.

  • Tifa (Final Fantasy VII): Special Move: Final Heaven) — Concentrate a mass power of light for a powerful explosive punch.

  • Aerith (Final Fantasy VII): Special Move: Great Gospel — Completely heals all allies HP and status ailments.

  • Squall (Final Fantasy VIII): Special Move: Lion Heart — Use a unique blade to deliver a glorious combo.

  • Tidus (Final Fantasy X): Special Move; Blitz Ace) — Deliver a flurry of attacks before a dazzling final strike.

  • Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2): Special Move: Great Whirl — A powerful non-elemental attack inflicting multiple hits.

  • Vaan (Final Fantasy XII): Special Move: Luminescence — Launch beams of light from an energy sphere.

  • Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII): Special Move: Gestalt Drive — A powerful combo that pumps bullets into foes before you charge in and finish them.

Final Fantasy Explorers comes out for Nintendo 3DS in North America on January 26th, and in Europe on the 29th.


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