Scott Clay
NCSOFT to Release Master X Master for Western Markets Later This Year
Also, some hands-on impressions inside.
01.27.16 - 11:56 PM

Today NCSOFT officially announced that their hybrid MOBA, Master X Master, will be available for North American and European audiences in the second half of 2016. Master X Master isn't your typical MOBA. It includes many different PvE and PvP modes that you would expect from an action RPG. What truly sets it apart from others in the genre, is the ability to swap characters on the fly with a simple click of the middle mouse button. One second you're playing as a tanky melee combatant, and next, in the blink of an eye, you are raining down gunfire with your ranged master. With over 30 powerful masters to choose from, there are hundreds of different combinations at your disposal to take down your foes. Included in the master list are popular characters from NCSOFT titles like, my man Rytlock Brimstone, from Guild Wars 2, and the adorable but deadly Poharan from Blade & Soul. Fans of NCSOFT titles are sure to enjoy the selection.

At a recent NCSOFT event I got to sit down and get some hands on time with Master X Master, and I was pleasantly surprised by the game. The controls were tight and combat felt rewarding for a top down action RPG, which I can not stress enough is very important for these types of games. Switching between masters, which is the core mechanics of the game, felt fast and rewarding when done correctly. The PvP match I got to play against bots with another event goer was also a very interesting take on the classic MOBA lane system that most MOBA players are accustomed to. You are constantly trying to gain points in order to activate giant titan golems that go down the lanes and destroy the enemy base. It was incredibly fun, and even though I am not a huge MOBA fan, it made me excited to play it when it comes out later this year.

If you want to check out more Master X Master, check out the trailer below, and I'll see you on the battlegrounds later this year.


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