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Tour the Three Villages of the New Story of Seasons
And, make good friends!
02.10.16 - 4:37 AM

Now that Marvelous Entertainment has successfully begun publishing Bokujou Monogatari in the West as Story of Seasons, they are working on the second outing in the series, called Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages. As the name suggests, the game revolves around your farm's relationship with three different villages. Each village is organized around a theme. Wes village is Western-themed, Tsukusa is Japanese, and Lulucoco is tropical.

Story of seasons wes

Story of seasons kuyukusa

Story of Seasons Lulucoco

Continuing the tradition from previous games, you will be able to build a variety of structures to augment your farming. For instance the "farming circle" will boost the efficiency of the harvest in nearby fields. Other series staples such as pets, fishing, festivals, and character customization will also return.

farming circle

Of course, romance and socialization will also play a large role. Wes village is home to many potential friends, and even a few lovers.

Wes Villagers


Story of Seasons Lichette

The bright shop girl at the local flower shop. She is a bit naive, still being a lover of fairy tales, but is quite skilled at handicrafts and gardening.



The friendly neighborhood postman who enjoys traveling around town and visiting the villagers. He is generally dependable, though somewhat of a flirt. That all may change when he meets the female protagonist however.



Your loving uncle who also serves as your mentor in farming. He is known for his love of nature.



Megan is a beloved elder of Wes village and as such, isn't afraid to speak her mind. She makes frequent trips to Tsuyukusa village for her health.



The proprietress of the general store who loves to discuss the latest news with her customers. She was an opera singer in her youth.



Miranda's outgoing young daughter who dreams of becoming an opera singer like her mother. She likes to speak to customers in the store, but goes off to a secret location to practice her singing.

Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages comes out in Japan this summer on the 3DS. Check out our gallery for all the newest screenshots.


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