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Enjoy the Debut Trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes II
Hope the first one did well enough that we get this Stateside.
03.01.16 - 11:28 PM

To celebrate the series' 30th anniversary, Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in Japan on May 27th. Once again, players will be able to journey with a whole host of classic Dragon Quest characters and engage in Dynasty Warriors-style battles against hordes of foes. Square Enix has unveiled a brand-new trailer, as well as a ton of details and extra footage, so let's get cracking.

Without further ado, the trailer:

Nice, eh? Dragon Quest Heroes II features more locales, characters, and enemies to face than the first game, as well as a brand-new duo of protagonists, Razel and Teresia. The game consists of town, field, and battle stages. Unlike the first Dragon Quest Heroes, the sequel will feature an Overworld to explore, where players can battle monsters and find treasure en route to their objective. These include the lush grasslands of Orenka and the protagonists' desert-like homeland of Gywall. Field stages are vast and feature Waystones that players can use to warp around, and there are a number of hidden areas that can be found or unlocked when certain conditions are met. There are also weather effects that can alter the strength of enemies or the effectiveness of magic.

The Main Country of Zebion serves as the party's home base. Here, players can swap characters in and out of their party, change a protagonist's job, or engage in multiplayer shenanigans (including a previously multiplayer-exclusive dungeon, the Space-Time Labyrinth. Due to fan demand, this area will also have a single player option). This is also where one can purchase weapons and armor, as well as perform alchemy. By using a weapon for a long time, players can learn the skills attached to it.

Cross-save between all three versions is supported, as well as PlayStation TV. Characters from Dragon Quest Heroes who are not represented in the story mode of Dragon Quest Heroes II will be available as free downloadable content. These characters are Luceus, Aurora, Doric, Isla, Nera, Bianca, Yangus, and Psaro. There will also be save data bonuses from Dragon Quest Heroes or Dragon Quest Builders— costumes based on Luceus and Aurora for the former, and a Builder's Mallet weapon for the latter. First-print copies of the game will include costumes for Razel and Teresia from Dragon Quest I, a Genki Dama item, and a recipe to build a statue of Healix in Dragon Quest Builders. There's also an exclusive Square Enix e-Store version that comes with the game and three sets of Monster Coins.

dragon quest heroes ii japanese box art

The next broadcast for Dragon Quest Heroes II will be streamed via Niconico on April 8th. Until then, check out the assortment of videos below and we'll also throw in a link for our review of the first game for good measure. We've also got a freshly updated gallery that shows new screenshots and stills of each new character! Yes, even the lovable merchant Torneko.


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