Josh Curry
Retro Encounter 11: To The Moon
Remember, going to space will solve all your problems.
03.07.16 - 8:51 PM

Spoiler alert: To the Moon is about getting someone to, cue gasps, the moon. If that was shocking, then you will be blown away by the surprises that arise over the course of the game. We discuss how simple occurrences shaped the characters of To the Moon, if lacking memories absolves you of your actions and what the future holds for Dr. Eva and Dr. Neil.

Join Retro Encounter as we play with paper bunnies.

Retro Encounter 11: To the Moon

Retro Encounter sifts through timelines and memories as we try to give a man his dying wish in To the Moon. We discuss the effectiveness of the narrative, if Johnny was a good person and how sad the tragic tale of Johnny and River is.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Davi Tesnovich, Mike Sollosi, Peter Triezenberg

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