Jesse Woo
New Star Ocean 5 Media Introduces Important NPCs and Combat Tactics
03.15.16 - 2:31 AM

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness continues to unveil more of its characters ahead of its March 31st release in Japan. Thankfully, the story is not limited to just the members of your party. We have already detailed the members of Victor's special forces team, as well as one of the villains. Now, we have some more characters who play large roles in the lives of our heroes.

Daryle Camus, 49, is Fidel's father and a famous fencing instructor in Resulia. He is well respected by many in the Resulian establishment, including Victor. Although he cares deeply about Fidel, he can be quite strict with him as a result.

Daryle Camus star ocean 5

Ted, 23, is Fidel and Miki's childhood friend who also learned swordplay from Daryle. His personality is carefree and jovial, quite the opposite of Fidel (the red hair is a giveaway).

Ted Star ocean 5

Finally, Keisas is Fiore's teacher and the director of the Royal Signeturgy Institute. His is young, but considered a genius in his field of study and leads the institute with a surprising maturity.

star ocean 5 keisas

Combat in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is about more than just spamming attacks, as well timed combos will be rewarded with bonuses in battle. A Combo Bonus accrues with every 10 successful hits, granting a 20% increase in the Reserve Gauge up to a maximum of +300%. You can also use a "Cancel" to shorten the execution time of a skill and earn a 25% strength bonus, up to a max of +200%. Reserve Rushes meanwhile serve as super powerful attacks to be saved for the opportune moment. The reserve rush gauge will build and can accumulate up to five points, with reserve rush abilities available with two or more points. Players must choose when to unleash their reserve rush, as the number of points will influence potency and effects. Players can also set which party member will trigger their reserve rush in the settings menu, so they can always get their favorite reserve rush regardless of who they control.

star ocean 5 reserve rush gauge

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness comes out March 31 in Japan, and later this year in the West on the PlayStation 4. Check out all the latest screenshots in our updated gallery.


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