Peter Triezenberg
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Out This Summer In The West
We'll return to the stars once again.
03.23.16 - 9:36 PM

It's happening, Star Ocean fans. In the first "Star Log" broadcast that will be bringing new updates on the series, Square Enix revealed that Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will be releasing this Summer in North America and Europe. Additionally, the Western release will include the option to switch between Japanese and English voices, which is always a welcome edition if you prefer one or the other. You can check out some new trailers below, including character spotlights on Fidel and Miki.

I have to say, this game looks like its shaping up pretty nicely. And there's more! Pictured below is Pavine, a new antagonist who is an officer in the Chronos group that opposes the Galactic Federation. He's the sort of man who solves his problems with violence rather than coming up with a strategy.

star ocean 5 pavinestar ocean 5 villain battle

Players can take on quests from a Quest Bulletin Board located within towns. The types of quests vary from finding missing people, collecting a number of items, or fighting enemies, and players can gain Skill Books and other rewards for completing them. There's also a new dungeon called the Ikyaku Cathedral, which once entered cannot be exited except by using the warp gate at the beginning. Said gate will suddenly appear in field areas and allow players to gain rare (one-time) items and weapons while fighting their way to a boss.

star ocean 5 ikyaku cathedral secret dungeon

star ocean 5 quest board welch vinyard

Private Actions, a series staple, are also making a return, and can be activated in both town and field areas, allowing for more interactivity with party members and NPCs. One such character is Relia, whom Miki seems to have a motherly relationship with. Private Actions will allow for a deeper glimpse into their relationship.

star ocean 5 relia miki

You can check out a bevy of new screenshots in our gallery, or read Jesse Woo's excellent preview of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness if the wait becomes unbearable, but until then, get excited for that summer release window and keep an eye on RPGFan as we learn more.


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