Jesse Woo
New Tails of Berseria Characters Join the Cast
Sexy witch and cat-thing, check.
03.25.16 - 11:22 PM

Tales of Berseria is set in a world beset by demons and other magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. This includes the two newest characters introduced by Bandai Namco, Magilou and Bienfu.

berseria magilou

Magilou is a mysterious woman who calls herself a "great sorceress," although to the authorities she is merely a practitioner of unlicensed witchcraft. She is vivacious and extroverted, but is also rather mischievous and harbors some secret grudge against Velvet. In combat she does best behind the front line tossing out powerful fire and water artes, but if it comes to physical combat she can manipulate a transforming guardian to do her bidding.

berseria bienfu

Bienfu is a type of Malak, one of the spiritual beings that the Church uses to fight demons, who speaks with a unique affect. It often says "Bieeen" and "Bad." It is also unique because of its strong personality, as Malaks usually lack an ego. Finally, it has some kind of history with Magilou and is quite fearful of her at first.

Tales of Berseria comes out in Japan sometime this year on PlayStation 3 and 4, and a Western release is also planned for the PlayStation 4 and PC.


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