Chris Gebauer
Final Fantasy XV's Main Story Will Take 50 Hours to Complete
And what's this about airships....?
03.29.16 - 12:32 AM

In a recent interview with NicoNico, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata let slip a few details about the upcoming Square Enix RPG before the game's March 30th Uncovered Event.

FF XV Combat Still

According to Tabata, the FF XV team originally planned for the game's main story quest line to take about 40 hours to complete, but it will now take you 50 hours. And if an extra 10 hours to the main quest doesn't get you excited, how about some airships? It turns out that Tabata's team has found a way to implement the franchise staple of flying vehicles into the game. Cactuars will also be making an appearance, and are apparently quite the powerful beings — they can even dodge Noctis' Shift Break (warp) abilities.

Tabata also commented on fishing in FF XV (or as he called it "battling with fish") saying that the activity will be fairly realistic. As a prince, Noctis hasn't had any experience fishing and will be trying out the hobby for the first time in FF XV. Throughout the game Noctis will gradually improve his skills and get really into fishing. According to Tabata, in this way, fishing isn't just a mini-game, but an important character thread.

AS for cooking, the game's staff actually made food themselves and then scanned it into the game. There are a plethora of cooking ingredients for players to indulge in. The game's team is currently balancing the all the content and while they’re not done yet, Tabata shares there will be more content than was originally intended. Apparently in its current build, the game doesn't run at a stable 30 frames per second, but the team will continue to work on the frame rate until its release.

As for the upcoming Uncovered event on March 30th, Tabata says there will be many surprises. He reaffirmed that, yes, the game's release date will be announced, and there will a Japanese version of the new trailer. The free, playable tech demo will also be detailed at the event as well as specifications like game resolution.

March 30th couldn't come sooner. If you want to check out the interview for yourself, we have it linked below (starting at 26:56):