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Tons of Tales of Berseria Details Here Now, More Coming Soon
Stay tuned.
04.10.16 - 4:49 PM

Tales of Berseria details continue to flow in from Japan, and Bandai Namco has promised an extended trailer will drop on April 13 in Japan that will include the Japanese release date. In addition, recent magazine scans introduced Aizen, a deputy to the Aizen pirates with the moniker "God of Death." He joins Velvet to combat their common enemy, the Exorcists. Meanwhile Eleanore, the young Exorcist who is often in conflict with Velvet, will eventually join the party as well.

tales of berseria aizen

The big revelation however is the mechanics of the Break Soul system. Players can trigger a Break Soul whenever their character possesses three or more souls, allowing them to exceed the normal limit on the number of arts in a combo and unleashing powerful special abilities. Normally, a character is limited to four arts in a combo, but by consuming a soul at the end of the normal combo they can continue to use arts up to the number of remaining souls available.

Different characters will also trigger special abilities when they use a Break Soul. Velvet's "Consume Claw" will cause her blight-afflicted left arm to consume an enemy and unleash powerful special moves depending on the enemy's type. For example, beast-type enemies increase damage in proportion to enemy attack power and grant the Scarlet Edge ability. In addition, it will cause her HP to drain, but her strength will increase in proportion to her lost health.

tales of berseria Lanciphet

Lanciphet's Break Soul ability triggers Divide Pain, which halves damage to the party and hits any enemy standing near Lanciphet, breaking their guard in the process. Cancelling the ability will also heal the party. Rokurou meanwhile will use Retribution, entering a stance while waiting for the enemy to attack. If the enemy triggers a counter, they are hit with massive damage from Retribution Rip; Rokurou also recovers some HP in that circumstance. Finally, Magilou uses Spell Absorber, which cancels the spells of any chanting enemies and absorbs their magic power. If she absorbs enough magic, she will trigger her own counter with a random effect.

Tales of Berseria comes out this year on the PS3 and PS4 in Japan, and on the PS4 and PC in the West. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming trailer and release date.


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