Peter Triezenberg
New Legend of Zelda May Come to NX, Have Gender Options
So, let's talk rumors.
04.14.16 - 4:13 AM

One of the first things people said after The Legend of Zelda for Wii U was first announced was "huh... Link sure looks like a chick." With the inclusion of Linkle in the recent Hyrule Warriors Legends and some additional concept art adding fuel to the fire, the idea that we would be able to choose Link's gender in the upcoming Zelda title grew quite prevalent. We can add one more thing to the list, though— Emily Rogers, who has reliably leaked impending Nintendo news in the past, shared a couple of rumors about the next Zelda that are quite intriguing.

the legend of zelda wii u nx link linkle gender options

The first rumor is that the game will release for both Wii U and the upcoming Nintendo NX. This wouldn't be too terribly surprising, as all indicators point to Nintendo unveiling the NX soon and such a dual release is not unprecedented for the series (Twilight Princess did the same thing back in 2006). The second rumor is that players will be able to choose between a male or female playable character. The third is that there will be voice acting (!) for every character except for Link.

If there's any credence to these rumors, rest assured that we will let you know. Hopefully as we draw closer to E3, Nintendo will have something concrete to give us concerning the future of The Legend of Zelda.


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