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New Trailer, Gameplay Footage, and Character Bios for NieR: Automata
Right off the heels of our last podcast. It's like they know...
04.25.16 - 12:03 AM

At a recent NieR Music concert & Talk Live event, Square Enix unveiled quite a bit of new media from NieR: Automata, including gameplay, a new trailer, and character bios. In addition, the company announced that NieR Replicant (the Japanese PS3 version of the first game) will be available via PlayStation Now in Japan, for an 80% discount that players can take advantage of until May 16th.

nier automata 2b character bio

The first character was the previously unveiled protagonist of the game, 2B, or to go by her official name, YoRHa No. 2, Model B, "2B." 2B is an all-purpose battle android described as "a blade of quiet determination," who is deployed as part of the YoRHa squad. She is equipped for close combat with a sword and can use her Pod for ranged attacks. Members of the YoRHa squad are forbidden to show emotion and forgo names, but each has their own identifying characteristics regardless—2B is cool, calm, and collected, with her eyes obscured by a standard-issue military visor.

nier automata 9s

The next character is 9S, a "soul of frail kindness." 9S is capable of defending himself with an attack function, but is specialized in collecting information for investigative purposes. He is relatively more emotional and friendly than his YoRHa counterparts.

nier automata A2

Perhaps 9S's polar opposite is A2, who kind of looks like Agnes from Bravely Default and is described as "a vortex of hatred and the past." She is a prototype model that specializes in close-range attacks. A2 doesn't talk much, and always acts alone.

Some other tidbits of information revealed during the event include the identity of the vocalist in the theme song (one J'Nique Nicole, a singer/songwriter based in Tokyo), and the fact that the development team is targeting 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. You can get a feel for this in the new trailer and gameplay footage, which you can watch below.



We'll keep you posted on any and all NieR: Automata updates as we approach its release, which is currently scheduled for 2016 on the PlayStation 4. We also recently completed a podcast series on the first game, so give it a listen if you're interested!


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