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Now Hiring for: News, Music, Audio/Video, and Media Editors
RPGFan is looking for passionate people to add to our party. Are you seeking EXP?
05.07.16 - 4:37 AM

It's hiring season again at RPGFan! While we're technically always accepting applicants, we're looking for specific talents. Last fall, we sought out staff for News, Reviews, and Social Media, and wound up finding some exceptionally talented folks that have been real assets to our team. We're hoping to repeat that success in some new departments this time! Read on for details and links to each application.

Music Editor

At RPGFan, we love Music, enough that we capitalize it in sentences. RPGFan Music has been a vital part of the site since the beginning, and stands as one of the few RPG-centric music review sites of its caliber, boasting thousands of reviews. We're immensely proud of what we have, but the growing number of albums out there means we need a growing staff to be able to cover it all. Music staff also participate in special features such as interviews, and some interesting stuff in the works that I can't tell you about here...

If listening to amazing music and sharing your thoughts on it sounds appealing, apply now!

Media Editor

We may still call the section "Pictures", but a growing number of RPGs on the market and our expanding coverage into video means that Media Editors are vital. As you can see, we have a single dedicated person in this section, and while we love Bradley, it's time we sought more editors.

With well over 2000 games in our media galleries, and more being updated daily, there's no shortage of work to be done. Media Editors not only seek to expand the coverage of their department, but also work hand in hand with other departments, supporting News and Reviews in particular to keep things running smoothly. If working with images are your cup of tea, then we need to talk!

News Editor

Finally, we come to News. News is, as you can imagine, one of the most demanding positions at RPGFan. An expanding-daily slate of stories to cover means you'll never be bored as a News Editor, and you'd be working within a skilled, well-established team. RPGFan is well-known for its reviews, and stands as one of our proudest departments, but the news team works tirelessly every single day to keep news flowing, and their importance cannot be overstated to us.

News Editors should be skilled at writing concise stories, catchy headlines that aren't clickbait (we're not about that here), and excellent general communicators. News can be demanding, but the more people we can find, the more we can accomplish. Will you be next?

Audio/Video Editor

Years ago, we never really planned on having a podcast until Rob came in and insisted we start one. Flash forward to today, and suddenly we have three unique shows! Who knows, maybe we'll have even more in the future. But an ever-expanding slate of podcasts means an increasing need for audio editing. Especially when we have a show like Retro Encounter with a demanding schedule, we recognize that more skilled audio editors can keep things flowing.

We're also always talking about boosting our video content at RPGFan, and we have some things in various stages of planning. But to realize this stuff, we'll need more people capable of working on it!

Note that this application serves as an "either/or" application: We don't require any single person to be an expert in both audio and video (but if you are, even better), so if you're adept at either, let us know!

Each application contains more info on these positions, as well as contact emails if you have questions. You can also email either myself or our Managing Editor John Tucker - see our About page for contact info - with questions.

These applications will remain open until May 20th at 11:59pm (PST).


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