John Tucker
The 30 Essential RPGs of 2010-2015: Part One
Clear your backlog, because these are games you should really find time for.
05.13.16 - 12:30 PM

It's been a while since our last Best Of list — we hate clickbait, so we try to make these lists truly worth reading when we do them. But now that we're into the second half of the 2010s, we thought it'd be appropriate to make a list of some of the games from the past five years that you should really try to find the time to play.

All thirty of these games are amazing, so we realized pretty quickly that it'd be futile to try to sort them. Instead, we've put them in a random order and we'll be posting them ten at a time this weekend for your perusal.

Today, we give you Part One. Make sure to check back Saturday for Part Two and Sunday for Part Three. Sure, there will be some games each day that will come as no surprise. (Spoiler alert: today includes The Witcher 3! <sarcasm>Who'd have expected that?</sarcasm>) But we think we've also included some games that you wouldn't expect, as well as a few that were really hyped, but that we think still lived up to our expectations.


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