Jesse Woo
Ys VIII New Characters, Details, Video
05.18.16 - 12:52 AM

The support cast of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana just grew by two, or perhaps more if you count a giant sentient bird. New magazine scans also give insight into important systems like the quest board and fishing.

The two new castaways are Dina and Kuina. Dina is an 18 year old trader who was on a business trip aboard the Lombardia. Although she is now shipwrecked, she spares no time putting together a shop in Drifting Village to take advantage of new business opportunities. By rescuing Dina you will unlock the Trading Post, where you can exchange common materials for rarer and more useful ones.

ys viii dina

Kuina meanwhile is a 10 year old girl found wondering Siren Island on her own. She claims to have been on board the cruise liner, but her details about her past, and parents, are scarce.

ys viii kuina

The third character is not a castaway, but actually a sentient bird named Hashibiroko. Like Master Kong, he is a friend of Ricotta's who will aid the party in his own way.

ys viii hashibiroko

As always, quests will be an important aspect of Ys VIII. Castaways will post quests on the board for Adol to complete in between island exploring. For example, Laxia may ask Adol to obtain curtains to spruce up Drifting Village, and to do that he'll have to gather materials for the tailor Alison. If those sorts of quests become tiring, your party can always hit the local fishing hold to unwind as well.

vs viii fishing

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana comes out in Japan on PS Vita on July 21, and on PS4 in 2017. Check out the latest video showing off the game's combat below.


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