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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.3 Arrives June 7th
Oh no, The Steps of Faith are back.
05.23.16 - 9:11 PM

In the recent Letter to the Producer Live XXX, Director and Producer Yoshi-P gave us the final details on the upcoming Patch 3.3 for Final Fantasy XIV. The patch will hit servers on June 7th, and has a few surprises for players. The first is the new trial battle which will be called The Final Steps of Faith, and will pit players against a fully powered up Nidhogg. The last time we faced off against Nidhogg in The Aery he was only at half power due to the fact that he was still missing one of his eyes. This time he not only has both of his eyes, but also Estinien's power as the Azure Dragoon. There will be both a story mode version as well as an extreme version for both causal and hardcore players to enjoy. It was also noted that this battle will drop new weapons, but the item level of these weapons has not been announced yet.

Final Fantasy XIV Final Steps of Faith
Final Fantasy XIV Final Steps of Faith

Next up was more info on the Aquapolis mini dungeon that players can enter from doing treasure maps. After completing a Dragonskin treasure map, a portal has a 20% chance to spawn that leads to the Aquapolis. In this mini-dungeon your objective is to open the treasure chest in the middle of the room, kill the monsters that spawn, and move on to the next room. In order to get to the end however, luck will need to be on your side: The catch is that after you finish a room, you may only open one of the doors. Picking the wrong door will end the dungeon, and of course picking the right door will have your party continuing on. There are up to 7 rooms to complete with plenty of loot to be found including grade 5 materia, minions, and glamour items. It's best experienced with 3 to 4 players, and will be difficult for 1 or 2 players to complete due to the item level restriction of 180.

Final Fantasy XIV Aquapolis
Final Fantasy XIV Aquapolis

As mentioned in the last Live Letter, Raid Finder is ready and will be implemented in this patch. Hopefully it helps players that are looking for raid groups find others around their skill level, and together they can tackle the savage level raids in the game. The system is very complex and will allow players to specify very clearly what part of the fight they are at.

Final Fantasy XIV Raid Finder
Final Fantasy XIV Raid Finder

New Frontlines will also be implemented in 3.3. Code-named Shatter to match the other Frontline battles Seize, Slaughter, and Secure, this PvP mode is similar to Secure in that you must capture points around the map. However, there is a new twist to it with large crystal like structures around the map that need to be attacked and shattered for additional points, hence the name Shatter.

Final Fantasy XIV Frontlines Shatter
Final Fantasy XIV Frontlines Shatter

The Anima Weapon quest will continue this time around as well, and for this stage we will be feeding our weapons certain items to increase certain stats. Each item gives a minimum of 3 points, but if you get lucky it can give 4 or even 5 (this seems more forgiving than the old quests where your materia could possibly break). There are going to be plenty of ways to get these items as well so everyone will be able to tackle the quest. The power of the weapon will be equivalent to having 3 grade 5 materias in it making it the strongest weapon outside of the Midan Weapons.

Final Fantasy XIV Anima Weapon

And the last big part of 3.3 will be the Moogle beastmen tribe quests. These quests, much like the Ixali quests in 2.5, will focus on crafting. They are meant to help players level their crafters from 50-60, much how the Ixali quests helped people level from 1 to 50. The main story focus of the quest is to build a home for the moogles, hopefully so they don't get lost again.

Final Fantasy XIV Moogle Beastmen Tribe Quests

For a full in-depth look into the recent Live Letter head over to the Square Enix forums, and to check out some more media and news on 3.3 check out our previous Patch 3.3 news story.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.3 - Revenge of the Horde will go live on June 7th.


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