Colin Burns
Changes Coming to Valkyria: Azure Revolution After Fan Feedback
Fans know what they like.
05.28.16 - 1:52 AM

After the release of Battle Demo Ver. 1.0, the demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Sega polled fans looking for feedback. This spin-off from the Valkyria Chronicles series originally ditched the tactical battles of the previous games in favor of a more action oriented system. However, the fan reaction was less than favorable and the game's director, Takeshi Ozawa, discussed some of the changes they will be making for the next demo in an interview with Famitsu.

Valkyria Azure Revolution New Demo Changes

The biggest take away from the interview is that the battle system will undergo drastic changes and become "more RPG-like." Enemies and allies will now be beholden to some sort of action meter to make battles more measured and tactical and players will have the option to stop time while using certain weapons and magic. Parties will now include four characters instead of three and you'll be able to give each character "direct instruction."

A new demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be made available this summer. The game is releasing for PS4 in Japan this winter. No word on a western release yet.


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