Mike Salbato
E3 2016: Trio of New Final Fantasy XV Videos + New Screens
Flying cars, giant sea serpents, and... a pause feature?
06.16.16 - 4:21 PM

Were those four new Final Fantasy XV videos from the other day not enough for you? Then I have good news for you, as we have three more today, along with a nice collection of new screens.

First, we have a look at Altissia, a city not unlike the real-world city of Venice, with waterways and gondola rides. And, another thing I assume is in the real city of Venice, there's a hint at a boss straight out of Final Fantasy VI.

Next is more flying cars! This video showcases the Regalia Type F, and if you thought our previous look at flying cars in FFXV had some Batman design influence, you haven't seen anything yet. Equally important is the several sky-high views of exploration from the Type F, which gives us a great look at the scale of Final Fantasy XV's world:

Square Enix recently revealed the inclusion of a Wait Mode option in XV's combat, which will pause the typically-live battles as you make combat choices. I think having this as an option is going to make a lot of people happy, and make FFXV's combat feel less stressful or daunting.

During E3, we've also added 30 new images to our gallery, which includes stills from the above features, and shots of the primals/summons such as Titan, Leviathan, and Ramuh:

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Finally, in case you missed it in our previous coverage, here's another look at the official E3 2016 trailer:

Final Fantasy XV is releasing worldwide on September 30, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.


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