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Final Fantasy XV Receives Tons of New Gameplay Info, Q&A with Director
Keep it up, Square Enix.
06.20.16 - 10:43 PM

Square Enix ended three days of E3 2016 live streaming with a Q&A session featuring Director Hajime Tabata. The sixteen fan questions discussed several gameplay features players are eager to learn more about. So without further ado...

final fantasy xv square enix questions

There will be a minigame in Altissia's Coliseum that will allow you to have monsters fight each other and bet on which one is going to win. The team is discussing having post-launch content set in the Coliseum.

An item to prevent over-leveling will be obtainable, intended for those who prefer a challenging play-through. A level gap between the player and a boss can be overcome with skill. On the other hand, if a player wishes to mow through foes, it is possible to one-shot some of them at higher levels.

The UI design seen at E3 is not final and will be revamped once again to achieve a balance between aesthetic and functionality. In addition, there will be three control layouts to suit multiple preferences. One will be the default, the second will be the one found in Episode Duscae, and a third option is being considered at launch. Players can change freely between them. The HUD can be turned off, making it easier to take photos in the game.

There will be fewer Summons (Astrals) in the game, but each one is integrated in the storyline and will have an impact. Each summon has different conditions for using it. For example, Leviathan will be unusable if there is not water nearby and Ramuh will not be able to use his spell in a dungeon, instead throwing his staff.

final fantasy xv

DLC plans are "pretty much finalized." Among the DLC there will be many things Tabata-san himself is excited to play, but it's too early to announce them. There will be additional story content and additional costumes, but there's more than that, and fans will be pleasantly surprised by what the team has in store. The VR experience will also be DLC. The development team is focusing on the final game, so just a core team is working on DLC now. After the game goes gold, the whole team will shift to DLC development.

The main story will take around 40-50 hours to complete. All of the additional content will take roughly around 100 hours to complete. The whole game has about 200 hours worth of content. The team has been optimizing the game throughout development and the final resolution has yet to be determined.

final fantasy xv e3

After a decade long wait, Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30th on PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned to RPGFan.com for more updates!


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