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Final Fantasy XIV 4.0 To Be Revealed This October
Paging Scott and Mike!
06.28.16 - 11:47 AM

Ah, Final Fantasy XIV updates, those wonderful times where I can get Scott and Mike to do my job for me... er, bask in the enthusiasm of the game's devoted fans as they eagerly anticipate the future of Eorzea. With the ending of Patch 3.3, players saw the conclusion to the Dragonsong War, and there are still a couple of patches to go. Producer Naoki Yoshida teased that players will be "even more involved with the Warriors of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn" from here on out, and that Patch 3.5 will see some dramatic story shifts in the same manner as 2.5 did prior to Heavensward.

final fantasy xiv patch 4

We can expect to learn more about the story of Patch 3.4 at this year's Tokyo Game Show, with further announcements at Fan Fests across North America, Japan, and Europe. Following that, fans will receive new information about patch 3.5 and new information about the next expansion pack in October. According to Yoshida, "As this is a game supported by many players, we'd like to deliver our biggest news together during the Fan Festival gatherings." For more information straight from the man himself, check out our interview with Naoki Yoshida from E3 2016.

Who knows, now might be a good time for me to finally play Final Fantasy XIV...


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