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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Living World Season 3 Set for July 26th
2 Dragons down 4 to go!
07.12.16 - 3:54 PM

Last October ArenaNet launched the Heart of Thorns expansion to its popular MMO Guild Wars 2. Heart of Thorns was the first expansion to Guild Wars 2 and it was worth the wait. The expansion contained a ton of new content for fans to sink their teeth into, including new zones to explore, new World vs. World maps, class specializations, new story content, and more. Before the expansion, Guild Wars 2 updated very frequently with it Living World updates. Each Living World update expanded on the story of the original Guild Wars 2 and led all the way up to start of Heart of Thorns. ArenaNet has now begun the next wave of Living World updates with Season 3.

The first episode of Living World Season 3 titled Out of the Shadows will begin on July 26th and continue from where Heart of Thorns left off. In order to play Season 3 players must own Heart of Thorns, completed the story segments in the expansion, and have a character at level 80. By simply logging in during each new episode of Season 3 you will unlock them forever which will allow you to play them at your leisure. If you don't yet own Heart of Thorns fear not, even when you log in without the expansion you will still bank the episode to play in the future. By simply logging in with each update everyone can enjoy the new content. You can check out the new trailer for Living World Season 3 below.

With the release of Living World Season 3 on July 26th, updates to both Fractals and PvP will also be included. More information on the updates to these sections of Guild Wars 2 will come as it gets closer to release, so check back with RPGFan as information comes in.


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