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Niantic Releases Pokémon Go Update, Form for Pokestop Requests/Removals
I wonder if I can turn my house into a Pokestop? For research purposes, you understand.
07.15.16 - 4:40 AM

It's pretty safe to say that Pokémon Go is a legitimate phenomenon. I remember being intrigued by the very first announcement trailer, but I don't think anyone could have predicted how much this thing has taken off, even with the reliable Pokémon brand behind it. Developer Niantic is clearly aware of the game's success, because they have recently released a pair of updates for the app that stabilize the much-maligned login issues. The Pokémon Trainer Account login process has been stabilized as of version 1.01, with further fixes being released in 1.02, and 1.01 also fixes some issues that would cause the app to crash and the Google account scope. Niantic also had a message for their passionate customers, thanking them and saying that they were "humbled" by the app's success.

pokemon go niantic updates

The official page on Niantic's website for Pokémon Go now has a form you can fill out to request the addition or removal of a Pokéstop, those icons that show up on the map and dispense goodies when trainers get close and spin them. This feature may be a response to some insensitive trainers playing the game in inappropriate areas, like Auschwitz and the Holocaust Museum. So if you don't have any Pokéstops in your area, or you wish to be removed from Pokémon Go to prevent loitering or other activities of that nature, there is now a means to do so.

We have a feature on Pokémon Go planned for the near future, so stay tuned to RPGFan!


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