Scott Clay
Toyko Xanadu eX+ Receives a New Batch of Screenshots
English PS4 version, please?
07.15.16 - 12:52 PM

Today Nihon Falcom released some new screenshots from its upcoming PS4 RPG Tokyo Xanadu eX+. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is not just a graphically enhanced port of the Vita version, but also contains a bunch of extras packed into it as well. These screenshots, in particular, show off the new V-Navi system as well as the new side-stories for Yuki Shinomiya, Mitsuki Hokuto, and Shio Takahata. These are all exclusive to the PS4 version along with the 2 new playable characters White Shroud and Rion. The new V-Navi system allows players to get certain support bonuses in the spirit dungeons such as D-Gauge recovery and be able to quickly collect EX points. The best part of the V-Navi system is that you can set the Navi to characters you enjoy listening to the most. You can check all the new screenshots out in our gallery.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Screenshot

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Screenshot

Toyko Xanadu eX+ releases on the PS4 on September 8th in Japan. The original Vita version is on its way over to the west thanks to Aksys Games sometime next year.


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