Sean Dowie
Dragon Quest Builders Gets Day One Edition
Only early purchasers can make blocks out of pure gold!
07.22.16 - 12:18 PM

Square Enix has revealed a "Day One" edition of Dragon Quest Builders, available only to people who pre-order, or purchase the game near its release.

Dragon Quest Builders is a spin-off of the Dragon Quest series that takes place in Alfegard (the location of the very first Dragon Quest game!). Alfegard isn't in great shape — it was enshrouded in darkness by the nefarious Dragonlord, making mankind unable to build. While the citizens of Alfegard scavenge in the dust, you — a Legendary Builder chosen by the Goddess — come in to rebuild your land and defeat the Dragonlord.

The gameplay is based on block building, sharing similarities to the immensely popular Minecraft. There will be some monsters that you fight on your quest, too.

The "Day One" edition comes with three exclusive special recipes: the Springtide Sprinkles Recipe, Slimy Blocks Recipe, and Gold Blocks Recipe. Each recipe produces their own neat blocks — for example, Gold Blocks Recipes allow you to create blocks out of pure gold, and Slimy Blocks Recipe produce blocks decorated with adorable blue slimes! You'll need to gather the raw materials in-game to produce these recipes, but once you get it, take comfort knowing that people without the "Day One" edition will never achieve your unique aesthetic.

Check out the gameplay video below if you want to see the game in action.

Dragon Quest Builders will release physically and digitally for the PS4 (and digital-only for the PS Vita) in North America on October 11th, and in Europe on October 14th. Keep checking RPGFan for more details on Dragon Quest Builders!


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