John Tucker
RPGFan on Twitch: Broken Age Playthrough
Caitlin takes us through a game we really like.
08.10.16 - 12:38 PM

The two parts of Broken Age came out almost a year and a half apart from each other, but our reviewer Stephen Meyerink still loved them both — he gave the first part an Editor's Choice award. He also loved the soundtrack.

Something else we all love is streaming with Caitlin Argyros, host of RPGFan's Rhythm Encounter podcast (which we promise will get more episodes).

Starting tomorrow, those two elements will come together, when Caitlin begins streaming Broken Age each Thursday at 5 PM Pacific, 8 Eastern. She'll play until the game's done, so check back every week to see how it's going. If you can't make that time, the videos will also be available on our YouTube channel.

Links to both channels, as well as the game and soundtrack reviews can be found below. See you on the stream!


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