Mike Salbato
Hour-Long Gameplay Video & New Screens for Final Fantasy XV Debut at Gamescom
Is that a white chocobo I spy?
08.16.16 - 8:46 PM

The Final Fantasy XV news and media is coming fast and fur... er, fast this month. Now that we have a couple more months to wait for it, that gives us time to soak in all that new media that's coming from Gamescom this week.

First and foremost, and likely the reason you're here, is this hour-long gameplay video of the opening chapters of Final Fantasy XV. Highlights include chocobo racing, new monsters, side quests, equipment, ability and magic synthesis systems, Wait Mode, and, yes, outfit options for our plucky heroes. You'll want to see this, and watch it in full screen:

There's more than a small amount of expectation riding on FFXV, and while none of us know what to fully expect, there's a lot here that's fascinating. The new locales, creatures, look at the game's menu system, and some stellar new glimpses of Yoko Shimomura's soundtrack give us a broader look at XV than we've seen before. You'll also want to check out our just-updated gallery for 52 new screen shots. These are pulled from this "Master Version" as well, so they feature similar things like the heroes' outfit options, fishing, and other previously-unseen things.

Moving on, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV — the animated prequel series — continues tomorrow, with Episode 4 releasing on YouTube. Until then, here's a brand-new trailer for the latest episode:

Finally, if you're lucky enough to be near one of the theaters that will feature Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, you may want to avoid this (it opens in three days!), but Square Enix also released the first 12 minutes of the prequel film as a generous teaser:

If you're curious whether or not the movie is playing near you, click the "find a theater" button in the lower right on the Official Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV site. The movie debuts on Friday, August 19 in these select theaters, and will see a digital release on August 30th. Blu-ray and DVD releases are coming too, but not until October 4th. In other words, embrace digital!

We will no doubt be hearing plenty more about Final Fantasy XV as its new release date draws near. As you may know, the long-awaited title is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29th.


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