Sean Dowie
Final Fantasy XV Video Details Improvements and Magic System
The scope in this game sounds massive.
09.02.16 - 12:35 PM

In a video interview with Playstation Access, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata discussed the finishing touches they're putting on the game, as well as the intricacies of the magic system. Final Fantasy XV was recently delayed by two months to November 29, and Tabata gave a few reasons for it: some characters are not yet in their correct positions, there's some flickering, and the game contains some loading times that could be removed with a couple more months of work. It sounds like the game is definitely playable at the moment, but it's heartening to know that Square Enix is treating the development of Final Fantasy XV with a severity as strong as its fanbase's passion.

Tabata also talked about the magic system and how you can mix spells and items to create combinations with various bonuses. "The whole idea of the system is that there are no failures. Whatever you create is going to have some kind of bonus effect to the magic."

Final Fantasy XV is full of customization options — you can customize your regalia and your car. The items that you add to your car are found while exploring the world. Tabata stressed how this game emphasizes wandering off the beaten path, perhaps responding to the criticisms of Final Fantasy XIII's linearity. Watch the video below to hear the full interview, including some hints on the DLC.

We'll be able to see if all this detail pays off quite soon. Final Fantasy XV releases worldwide on November 29 for PS4 and Xbox One. Check out our gallery if you want to goggle at this gorgeous game. And keep checking RPGFan for updates on what's next for Final Fantasy !


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