Jesse Woo
Tokyo Xanadu eX Post-Game 'After Story' Detailed
What better time for spirit world shenanigans than Halloween?
09.02.16 - 4:04 PM

Tokyo Xanadu eX is not merely a port of the PS Vita JRPG, it will include all new post-game content called the "After Story." This epilogue is set three months after the spirit world attack on Morimiya City, with the cast of high schoolers settling back into their halcyon academic life. Their largest concern is the Morimiya Thousand Year Festival to celebrate Halloween. However, their lives are once again complicated by the supernatural when a mysterious boy in a fox mask invites the "qualified" students somewhere.

tokyo xanadu after story

In addition to unraveling this mystery with his friends, protagonist Kou can partake in several events related to the Halloween festivities. These include promoting an advertising campaign for the festival, supervising a pumpkin carving class, and participating in a dance competition with the town mascot Morimaru.

tokyo xanadu ex pumpkin carving tokyo xanadu ex dance-off

Tokyo Xanadu eX comes to PS4 in Japan on September 8. There is no word on a western release date. Check the gallery below for all the updated screenshots.


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