Jesse Woo
FFXV Scans Examine Noctis' Expanded Arsenal
With a blast from FF past.
09.06.16 - 3:17 AM

In Final Fantasy XV, one of the hallmarks of Noctis' fighting style is the variety of weapons at his disposal. We've seen him fight with knives, long swords, broadswords, and a spear, to name a few. But as this is a Final Fantasy with a "modern" setting, he will also have access to modern weapons. A new issue of Weekly Jump has updates on two such weapons, guns and machinery.

final fantasy 15 weapons

Gun types can range from pistols to rifles, and some will allow Noctis to fire at long range with "snipe mode." Machinery is an updated take on the tools Edgar used in Final Fantasy VI and include an "Attract Wave" that hits all enemies with a shockwave and a "Circular Saw" that cuts a single enemy for massive damage.

Excited to see what else Final Fantasy XV has in store? The game comes out world wide on PS4 and XB1 on November 29.


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