Jesse Woo
More Familiar Faces Show Up in World of Final Fantasy
Square Enix sure knows how to work a franchise.
09.07.16 - 7:55 PM

Recent media from this year's PAX West and elsewhere continues to offer glimpses into the upcoming mash-up RPG World of Final Fantasy. Chief among them is the game's trailer, which made its debut at the conference. It focuses on the game's anime cutscenes with its signature chibi art style.

In addition, there are several videos that feature the English voice acting.

Finally, a recent scan from Jump Magazine reveals that Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII will encounter the protagonists when he is trying to protect a village from a rampaging giant Flan monster. Snow and other franchise heavyweights will have additional story content through "Heart Quests," which can be unlock with rare Ultima Gems. They will of course yield significant rewards in terms of loot.

world of final fantasy snow

Finally, the Water Frog is the latest Mirage monster to join the army of bads (that can be converted to goods). The Water Frog inflicts status ailments by singing frog songs, and can boost the status of allied units with Song of Spirit.

World of Final Fantasy comes out on PS4 and Vita October 25 in North America, 27 in Japan, and 28 in Europe.


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