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RPGFan on Twitch: Saturday Final Fantasy Tactics, Sunday Fallout 4
Both with a twist, and at new times!
09.17.16 - 10:36 AM

A couple of weeks ago, Scott started a new playthrough of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on our Sunday Streaming segment. He's decided to continue playing every Saturday at 7 PM Eastern, but with a bit of an extra challenge: he's going to play with only Geomancers.

But what about this week's Sunday Stream? First off, we're switching up the time. We've seen that our current time is a little too early for many viewers' preferences on a Sunday morning, so we're going to try starting an hour later, at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern.

As for the game, this week, I'm going to be playing Fallout 4. By this time, most folks have seen how the game looks normally, though, so I'm throwing mods into the mix. Let's make this game look awesome. Let's have a dog and another buddy. And what else? You tell me! Drop a comment on our Facebook post about the stream or send me an email. If I get the email before the stream, I'll try to get the mod installed in time. But keep it clean, please — my Sole Survivor's a married man, after all!

For those worried about spoilers for Fallout, my character is level 10, I am extremely early in the main quest, and I don't really plan to progress in it during the stream.

You can join us both Saturday evening and Sunday morning/afternoon over on our Twitch channel, catch up on YouTube, or catch the stream in the embedded video below!

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