Peter Triezenberg
TGS 2016: Final Fantasy XV Gets New Trailer and Screenshots
This is still one of the prettiest games of 2016.
09.19.16 - 9:58 PM

As we begin the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has released a meaty new trailer for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV. The trailer mainly focuses on events early on in the game, but there are some fascinating tidbits there nonetheless (as well as some spoilers for Kingsglaive if you haven't seen it, so be warned). There's also a trailer for the final episode of the anime series Brotherhood, as well as brand-new screenshots.

There's also a second part to the English Voice Cast video, in which the game's voice actors prepare for their roles.

Square Enix also provided some new details on the game's magic and crafting system at the recent Gamestop Expo 2016. By taking an item from their inventory and attaching it to an elemental spell, you'll be able to create magic that not only casts the desired spell, but also executes the item in question. I'm picturing attaching a Megalixer to a Firaga spell or something and watching the sparks fly. You can only use one item at a time, though, so you couldn't stack a Phoenix Down on top of that sweet Megalixer-Firaga cocktail. Pity. Speaking of Gamestop Expo 2016, there's a new version of the Final Fantasy XV Universe trailer you can watch below.

Final Fantasy XV is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29th.


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