Sean Dowie
TGS 2016: Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets Story Trailer, Updated Gameplay Video
Sega seems to have upped the strategy from their last demo.
09.19.16 - 10:15 PM

At the Tokyo Game Show, Sega released a new story trailer and gameplay video for their action (and now quite strategic) RPG, Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

The story takes place in a world where a small nation called Jutland is under a crippling economic blockade by the powerful Rus Empire. Jutland decides to fight back, launching an attack on Rus to gain independence. Unfortunately, Rus has the upper hand; they have a rich supply of the azure mineral, Ragnite, which grants them energy resources and magical properties. You take control of Amleth, the commander of Jutland's anti-Valkyria force. And what are Valkyrias? They are super-powered beings in the world — Rus has at least one on their side. You can get a look at the characters and drama in the story trailer below!

Unlike what we saw of the gameplay month's ago, the game is no longer strongly akin to a straight-up shooter. Developer Media.Vision has added some more strategic elements. You can now stop time to make selections, like the latest Fallout games, where you'll be able to carefully aim your weapon or select rune arts.

The enemies feel emotions that affect their ability. If you catch an enemy off guard, they will be "Surprised", and unable to act for a short time. Or, when an enemy leader's subordinates all go down, the leader will feel "Anger" and his attacks do significantly more damage.

You can view the combat in the video below. It starts with the main characters fighting smaller enemies, before fighting a giant robotic boss. The video's coverage of Valkyria: Azure Revolution starts at 7:08, but the gameplay doesn't start until 10:38 (and ends at 25:12).

Valkyria: Azure Revolution releases for the PS4 and PS Vita on January 19. Stay tuned to RPGFan to see if Media.Vision makes more gameplay alterations!


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