John Alas
New Paper Mario: Color Splash Gameplay Trailer Released
The 'thing' cards resemblance to their real life counterparts is astounding.
09.19.16 - 10:33 PM

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash showing off the various gameplay mechanics. Titled 'The Adventure Unfolds', the video is divided into three segments, Prism Island, Painting and Puzzling and Battle. See it below.

Prism Island introduces viewers to the game's setting and provides an overview of the plot and what you have to do to restore order to the island. Painting and Puzzling focuses on the color restoration aspect, where you will literally hammer color back into colorless spots to solve various puzzles and bring Toads back to life. Battles are showcased in the last segment showing series staples including jumps, hammering and special attacks, all of which require cards. Your attack options are topped off by 'thing cards' which use realistic looking objects to devastate enemies.

The most colorful entry in the Paper Mario series has some interesting mechanics and uses the paper theme to it's fullest. While I'm not crazy about needing cards to jump and hammer opponents, hopefully the gameplay will deliver.

Paper Mario: Color Splash is due out for Wii U on October 7th. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more updates.


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