John Alas
TGS 2016: Nier Automata Trailer Introduces New Characters
Lots of new people to get acquainted with.
09.19.16 - 10:54 PM

Sqaure Enix had plenty to reveal at this year's Tokyo Game Show and this Nier:Automata trailer focuses on introducing the cast we will see in the upcoming title. See it below.

First off, we are introduced to Emil, the same character who appeared in the original Nier. He has lost his memory and his role in the story is still unknown. The android duo Devola and Popol also make a return appearance sporting brighter hair. Like Emil, their story role is not known yet.

Moving on to new faces, the trailer introduces the Yorha androids leader, simply known as The Commander. She leads the androids from a base orbiting the planet and appears to be an android model herself.

Operator 60 and 210 are stationed in the Yorha's combat base and are responsible for commanding the androids on the ground. 60 is in charge of 2B, while 2010 takes care of 9S. 2B and 9S' combat pods are called Pod 142 and Pod 153, respectively.

The new brother duo Adam and Eve have pretty interesting designs. Adam is the long haired one with the cool-looking outfit. He is the older of the two and has a calm personality but can be cruel and unforgiving. Eve is the shirtless one with a mysterious ability to extend the tattoo on his arm to his left side. Personality-wise, he is the more carefree brother.

Pascal is the only completely mechanical life form introduced so far. He is a highly intelligent peace loving being.

Check out screenshots of all the new and returning characters at our updated gallery.

Nier:Automata will be released in Japan for PS4 on February 23rd while the Western release will be sometime in early 2017 for PS4 and PC. Keep checking RPGFan for more updates.


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