Caitlin Argyros
Rhythm Encounter 28 - Strange Wilderness
This overworld's not big enough for the both of us!
10.01.16 - 7:44 PM

Kids these days with your newfangled seamless open worlds and your realistic proportions! In my day, we had to traverse maps with characters as tall as skyscrapers and whole cities represented by just a few blocks. We also had some pretty rad music to listen to, but that part hasn't changed much. Join Rhythm Encounter as we explore more world map and field themes, now with 75% less Final Fantasy.

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Rhythm Encounter Episode 28: Strange Wilderness

World maps have changed a lot over the last few decades. The overworld is now something of a rarity and players are much more likely to explore a game through a series of connected fields than to have the traditional world map experience. The spirit remains the same, though, and the music remains awesome. Caitlin, Mike, and guest host Alana Hagues explore a lot of maps and trek through a bunch of fields on this most excellent episode of Rhythm Encounter!

Featuring: Caitlin Argyros, Mike Salbato, Alana Hagues

0:05:24 - Giza Plains / Over the Sky -Final Fantasy XII-
0:10:34 - The Cold Morning Star Passes / Tales of Vesperia
0:13:53 - Neverending Journey / Lost Odyssey
0:37:11 - Street of Memories / Persona 3
0:39:47 - Urban Noise / Parasite Eve
0:41:30 - Sea of Sand -Shallistera- / Atelier Shallie
1:06:28 - Toward the Horizon / Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
1:08:19 - Around in the Wilderness / Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
1:10:40 - Field of the Machinae / Xenoblade Chronicles
1:40:18 - ??? / Guest's Choice

Bonus Background Tracks
0:00:40 - Penelo's Theme / Final Fantasy XII
0:03:42 - Eternal Blue [Instrumental] / Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
0:26:03 - The Last Chapter / Tales of the Abyss
0:32:35 - Prologue / Lost Odyssey
0:34:53 - Eclipse of Time (Harp Version) / Lost Odyssey
0:46:50 - Map II / Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
0:53:59 - MIST / Parasite Eve II
1:00:20 - Following the Footsteps ~ The Forest / Atelier Totori
1:03:05 - Eruyt Sea (Night) / Xenoblade Chronicles
1:23:29 - Fallen Leaves - Flute Ver. / Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
1:35:29 - Forest of Illusion / Chrono Cross
1:37:37 - Shana's Theme / Legend of Dragoon


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