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Chase: Cold Case Investigations Release Date Revealed; New Gameplay Info
Dual screened detective story coming soon.
10.04.16 - 12:26 PM

The 3DS is about to get an interesting title added to it's library. Aksys Games announced that Chase: Cold Case Investigations — Distant Memories is getting localized for North America and Europe exclusively on the 3DS eShop on October 13th. Players will step into the shoes of detective Shounosuke Nanase to re-open cold cases, searching for evidence and interrogating suspects to resolve crimes.

chase cold case investigations protagonist

Chase: Cold Case Investigations begins five years after a mysterious explosion that went unsolved. The explosion was ruled an accident, leaving the circumstances unexplained. A new clue has come forth, reopening the case and providing an opportunity to solve this difficult case.

Gameplay consists of two phases; investigation will involve looking for leads through old investigation notes, crime scene photos and eyewitness reports while interrogation will allow you to ask your lead questions. You will have an Interrogation Gauge that depletes every time a wrong question is asked. If the gauge runs out, it's game over.

Considering that the 3DS doesn't have too many visual novels, it's great to see the system's library getting a few additions from the genre.


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