Sean Dowie
Akiba's Beat Gets Gameplay Trailer, Upcoming Live Stream
This game looks so good, it must be a delusion!
10.05.16 - 11:26 PM

Xseed Games released a new trailer for their action RPG, Akiba's Beat. The trailer starts by showing off its range of characters, possessing traits from extreme enthusiasm to rudeness. It then proceeds to showcase its delightfully stylish combat, which seems to have a smooth, fast-paced flow. Watch it below.

Akiba's Beat follows Asahi as he meets a unique cast of characters and gets stuck in a delusive world where Sunday repeats itself again and again.

If you want to learn more about the game before release, developer Acquire is hosting a live stream on October 12, 20:00 JST via Niconico that includes Akiba's Beat writer Mafia Kajita and director Kohta Takano discussing the game. With people that involved in the game, the live stream should divulge some interesting information about the development process and contents of Akiba's Beat.

Akiba's Beat will release in Japan on December 15 for PS4 (the Japanese PS Vita release date is still unknown). Both versions are due out in the west and will be localized by Xseed Games in Q1 2017.


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