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Tifa, Rydia, Snow, Rikku Confirmed for World of Final Fantasy; New Gameplay Info Revealed
Final Heaven is now Final Seven.
10.06.16 - 9:02 PM

Sqaure Enix has released new World of Final Fantasy gameplay info and revealed new legend characters (characters from previous games). Snow from Final Fantasy XIII, Rydia from Final Fantasy IV, Rikku from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII's Tifa are confirmed to make appearances in the game. Snow and Tifa will have Saver summon attacks that are similar to their ultimate moves in their original games.

world of final fantasy shiva and snow

world of final fantasy tifa final seven

Snow's Ruler Fist is a team-based attack that has Snow and his mirage/eidolon Shiva team up to inflict ice type damage on opponents. This attack overrides the enemies defense stat while boosting the physical defense of allies. Tifa's Final Seven is a modified version of Final Heaven that bypasses opponent's defense stats, dealing physical damage to enemies while boosting the physical attack of allies.

Heart Quests are a gameplay feature involving side stories relating to legend characters. During these quests, you will get to see the sub-stories of legend characters unfold while helping them accomplish their goals. These stories are created to be accessible to both long-time fans and newcomers to the Final Fantasy series. Players will need a special item called 'Alma Gems' to begin these side stories. Once you have the gems, you must head to The Girl's Room where the Heart Quest manager, a mysterious girl known as "The Girl Who Forgot Her Name' allows you to accept quests.

world of final fantasy mysterious girl

Other new features introduced are the arena, where you can battle friends, trade mirages and battle mirages previously encountered. Speaking of mirages, Sqaure Enix unveiled thirteen new ones listed below,

  • Moo (S-size)

  • Water Frog (S-size)

  • Carbuncle (S-size)

  • Imp (S-size)

  • Flan (M-size)

  • Duo Lizard (M-size)

  • Searcher (S-size)

  • Phoenix (L-size)

  • Ramiu (L-size)

  • Magitek Armor (L-size)

  • Maduin (L-size)

  • Titan (L-size)

  • Tiamat (L-size)

Lastly, three new locations were unveiled including Babil Area, Mako Reactor 0 and Nibelheim.

World of Final Fantasy is due October 25 for North America, October 27 for Japan and October 28 in Europe. Check out our gallery for tons of new screenshots.


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