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World of Final Fantasy Gets Demo with Bonus for Final Game, Gorgeous Opening
This demo is essential for completionists.
10.13.16 - 2:28 AM

Square Enix has announced that their upcoming RPG, World of Final Fantasy, will be getting a demo in the West and Japan on October 17th, with content not included in the final game — it's entirely designed for the trial. If you complete the demo, and save your demo game data before you play the final game, you'll be rewarded with a Mirage (a monster that you can use in battle) once you start a new game upon release. The Mirage you'll receive is the mechanical and slick "Magitek Armor P" (pictured below). You won't be able to use "Magitek Armor P" until you fight and capture it at the coliseum.

world of final fantasy magitek armor

Square Enix also released new photos that include chocobos, and Final Fantasy X's Yuna.

world of final fantasy one eye world of final fantasy chocobo

world of final fantasy lann world of final fantasy yuna

Finally, Square Enix released the opening of World of Final Fantasy which features Final Fantasy favorites like Squall and Cloud fighting in rich, CG animation, before showing how the game's main characters transition from their "normal" design to their more lighthearted chibi style. The multiplicity of art styles, and the fact that the upcoming demo was built specifically for players to sample the game shows that Square Enix isn't taking a lazy approach to getting players interested in World of Final Fantasy. We won't have to wait long to see if the game is as impressive as its marketing. World of Final Fantasy is due out in North America on October 25th, Japan on October 27th, and Europe on October 28th.


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