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Square Enix and Platinum Games Release Tons of Nier: Automata Battle System Details
You can play it as a non-action game too.
10.27.16 - 4:10 PM

Square Enix and Platinum Games have released plenty of info via Famitsu on Nier: Automata's battle system. The details revealed include battle basics, swords, melee weapons, evasion, pod support system, and a brand-new auto mode. You will be playing as Yorha No 2. Model B, part of a new android unit sent to reclaim Earth.

nier automata battle blast

In Nier: Automata, battles will be seamless, taking place on the same field you explore. The square button is used for a quick attack while the triangle button is for heavy attacks. Any combination of these buttons will yield different attacks, allowing for different combos. You can also assign two sets of weapons for each attack button. These sets can be switched with the D-pad even in the middle of an attack.

There are a variety of weapons you will be able to use with swords and melee weapons being revealed so far. The types of swords include a one handed sword and two handed sword. The one-handed sword is light, quick and has balanced stats, making it easier to start combos with. The two-handed sword is incredibly powerful with long reach, but is slow and leaves the wielder vulnerable after attack. If you prefer close-range combat, melee weapons are also available. Despite having a small range, they are easier to create combos with and an excellent option for one-on-one battles.

nier automata melee weapon

Evasion is another combat tactic that can come in handy and it is done by pressing the R2 button. The new evasion dash is performed by using the R2 button alongside the analog stick. If you time your evasion just before your opponent connects, you will enter a particle state granting you temporary invincibility. While in this state, you can perform exclusive.

The pod support system can be used to shoot enemies from a distance using the R1 button. Pods will automatically align their shots to the enemy but you can also lock-on using L2. You can upgrade your pod throughout the game with money and materials at maintenance shops found all over the world to enhance stats and increase the amount of attacks it can perform.

nier automata battle 2

Undoubtedly the most surprising piece of info is the new 'Auto Mode'. Auto Mode changes the settings so that a character will automatically attack and evade, making it virtually impossible to lose. If you don't want to auto-win every battle, auto-mode can be customized so that your character only evades automatically, or only performs long-range or short-range attacks. Auto Mode is only available on the easiest difficulty setting.

We won't have to wait much longer for Nier: Automata. The Japanese release is due for PS4 on February 23rd while North America and Europe will get it early next year for PS4 and PC.


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