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Heroes of Star Oceans Past Appear in Star Ocean: Anamnesis Screenshots
Anamnesis: (noun) The remembering of things from a supposed previous existence.
11.05.16 - 6:04 PM

The latest Star Ocean outing is not another console release, as some had hoped, but rather a walk down memory lane on mobile devices. Star Ocean: Anamnesis follows an unnamed federation captain who must journey home after being transported to an unmapped sector of space by a failed warp jump. There he meets a mysterious woman with the power to summon warriors from other planes of existence. Think of it as an anime version of Star Trek: Voyager.

star ocean anamnesis hana

star ocean anamnesis cliff

Of course, these warriors are all characters from Star Oceans past. So far, the list of characters as revealed by early screenshots include:

  • Ronyx J. Kenny (Star Ocean 1) Illustrated by Izumi, voiced by Kenji Hamada

  • Cliff Fittir (Star Ocean 3) Illustrated by Kazama Raita, voiced by Hiroki Tochi

  • Maria Traydor (Star Ocean 3) Illustrated by Itiso Kujou, voiced by Michiko Neya

  • Myuria Tionysus (Star Ocean 4) Illustrated by Katsumi Enami, voiced by Hitomi Nabatame

  • Fidel Camuze (Star Ocean 5) Illustrated by Akiman, voiced by Kaito Ishikawa

  • Miki Sauvester (Star Ocean 5) Illustrated by Ama Mitsuki, voiced by Nao Toyama

  • Hana (Star Ocean 5) Illustrated by Mago, voiced by Hana Takeda

  • Pavine (Star Ocean 5) Illustrated by Hakuseki, voiced by Setsuji Sato

The game will play on a freemium model for mobile and is supposed to come out this year in Japan. A livestream event is planned for Novermber 19th. A western release has not been announced.


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