Caitlin Argyros
Rhythm Encounter 29: Back to School
Class is now in session.
11.06.16 - 9:55 PM

Fall has arrived, and with it comes a new school year. To celebrate this most joyous occasion that every student looks forward to with absolutely no trepidation whatsoever, Rhythm Encounter has put together a selection of tunes you can check out while you study. Listen closely, boys and girls, because there will be a pop quiz on this later!

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Rhythm Encounter Episode 29: Back to School

A new school year is upon us, and it brings with it countless hours of reading, classwork, and exams. But never fear! Rhythm Encounter is here with a collection of music perfect for the new scholastic year. Whether it's soothing music to listen to while studying, or tunes that remind us of our days in the classroom, Caitlin, Mike, and guest hosts Marcos and Peter bring a little something of everything to this RPGFan cram session.

Featuring: Caitlin Argyros, Mike Salbato, Marcos Gaspar, Peter Triezenberg, special appearance by Moe the Cat

0:05:13 - Zanarkand / Final Fantasy X
0:08:17 - Brain-racking Test / The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
0:10:26 - The Melody Connecting the World / Radiant Historia
0:12:12 - Aura's Theme / .hack//Infection
0:37:44 - Mages of the Shadow's Depths / Tales of Vesperia
0:41:09 - Al-Khampis, Land of Learning / Bravely Second
0:44:38 - The Sweetest Time / Rune Factory: Frontier
0:49:18 - Lost Painting / Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
1:08:48 - During the Exams... / Persona 3
1:10:41 - Electricity Supply Building / Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter
1:16:21 - Blue Fields / Successor: FFVIII Remixed
1:21:41 - Melody of Love / Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest V: Heaven's Bride
1:44:33 - ??? / Guest's Choice

Bonus Background Tracks
0:00:53 - Shadow of the Sun / Rogue Galaxy
0:03:34 - The Bar "Angela" / Rogue Galaxy
0:23:28 - Refreshing Morning / The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
0:29:27 - Freezing Beat / Heroes of Mana
0:35:35 - Harald's Theme / .hack//Infection
0:58:09 - Land of Beginnings / Bravely Default
1:06:38 - Searching for a Hero of Long Ago / Suikoden III
1:40:18 - Stella Magic Temple / Dark Cloud 2
1:43:07 - The Holy Valley / Rogue Galaxy


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