Peter Triezenberg
Final Fantasy XV: Judgment Demo Disc Now Available in Japan
Demo #3.
11.15.16 - 1:42 PM

Square Enix has released another demo for Final Fantasy XV, called the "Judgment Disc", for download on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in Japan. This new demo sections off an early portion (the first chapter, to be precise) of the game that takes about an hour-and-a-half to complete, and is a way for fans to "judge" the product for themselves. Upon completion, players are treated to a special new trailer, which you can check out below (be warned, however: it's very spoilery).

Director Hajime Tabata also addressed some concerns among fans regarding the number of bugs found in the demo. "On the subject of bugs, we are already fixing them and plan to offer an update to users able to apply patches. Please rest assured that we will identify the frequency of the bugs and make fixes as needed... we are preparing an upgrade to the main game as a patch. That is why the demo reflects some of that upgrade." Tabata would go on to clarify that the two-month delay of Final Fantasy XV was intended to get rid of game-breaking bugs that would prevent the player from finishing the game. Given the short time-frame, getting rid of every bug in a vast open world isn't possible, but the development team will continue to provide patches to fix things.

Tabata also said that the availability of the Platinum Demo will be extended to the rest of the year, rather than becoming unavailable with the release of the Judgment Disc.

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Final Fantasy XV is due for release on November 29th.


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